Backyards Chickens in knowlton

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Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in people who want to be more
"green", more self-sufficient, and take part in the "grow local" movement. A handful of egg-laying hens in a relatively small yard allows people to participate in these trends without having to move or change their lifestyle.
BackYard Chickens  promotes the green, selfsufficient, and grow-local movements by educating people on how to raise chickens properly.
Wouldn't it be great to send your child to the neighbor's for "FRESH" eggs? Wouldn't it be great to have children learn how to keep chickens of their own? Wouldn't it be great for the school to begin a small farm in their beautiful garden? 

Backyard Chicken Benefits:

- Avoid supporting the large industrial farms and chicken houses where chickens are so cramped

- Pasture-raised eggs, from chickens that are allowed the space to peck for their food are more nutritious than industry-sourced eggs. Pasture-raised eggs contain two to three times more omega-3 fatty acids, while also containing less than one-third of the cholesterol than those of the "factory-farmed" eggs.

- Hens are not noisy. They are very quiet animals. They go to bed at sundown and are quiet all night long.

- Chickens do not attract rodents or predators. Any rodents or predators that already exist in the town  are attracted to the unprotected food sources, such as cat food, dog food, bird seed, or open garbage cans.

- Chickens themselves do not smell. "A 4-pound laying hen produces 0.0035 cu. ft. of manure per day. According to the FDA, an average dog generates ¾ of a pound of manure a day. Dog feces cannot be composted because of the harmful bacteria and parasites (hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms) which can infect humans. Chicken feces, however, can be composted and worked into your garden for a high-potency fertilizer. It’s all a part of the sustainability cycle of raising backyard chickens!"

- Chickens are great backyard composters. They can eat just about anything that would be thrown away kitchen scraps, thus helping to reduce the amount of garbage from the local landfill.

- Chickens serve as organic pest control in addition to all of their other