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Allow Signs, Rollouts, and Cutouts During Pavilion Basketball Games

As Villanova University makes a strategic push to become recognized as a national university academically, we (the student body, alumni, and Villanova basketball fans in general) believe that there is also room to be improved athletically. Villanova University, has an electric student section, positioned on the south section closest to the opposing bench, the towering bleachers filled with thousands of passionate students is an intimidation factor for visiting teams. Coach Jay Wright has been quoted multiple times as saying we have one of the best student sections in the country. However, just as Villanova University is showing with their plan for the Greater Great, we believe we can take a very good student section and make it greater. On February 3rd during the Xavier basketball game, the band took the first step toward doing so, by singing songs while Xavier was at the free throw line; it caught the student body off guard but soon the whole student section joined in with the band. As the band continues to lead the student section in chants and songs, we will surely see an improvement in the overall perspective of the student section. However, there is one crucial thing that we as a student section believe is missing. Students are prohibited from carrying cutout pictures, posters, and rollouts of any form into the Pavilion. 

As a student body, we have difficulty understanding why they are prohibited; if that could be explained to us, we would respect those reasons and try to work with those opposed in order for both sides to reach a compromising solution. We have seen it executed at other schools with minimal issue and believe it could be implemented at Villanova with the same degree of success. Due to this, we have come up with a proposal for the allowance of signs, cutouts and posters in the Pavilion. 

Proposal I: Villanova students would be allowed to bring posters, cutouts and rollouts during a specific time period.  When doors open at the Pavilion, the amount of students that show up during the first 30 minutes of doors being opened are typically very low. However, in the next 30 minutes there is an influx of students coming into the game, creating the long line of traffic outside of the doors of the Pavilion with which we are all too familiar.  

We propose that students be allowed to bring in posters, cutouts and rollouts as long as they check in within the first 30 minutes. By doing this, we are allowing any students who to desire to bring in signs to the games, but also giving security/Athletics ample time to check over each sign to make sure it is appropriate without creating a backlog of traffic. Any poster that is brought in after the allotted 30 minutes of time will not be prohibited into the Pavilion. Athletics reviews each poster that is brought in to make sure that is considered appropriate, meaning that there is no profanity or Not safe for work images being brought into the Pavilion. We as a student body understand we represent the University to both alumni and visiting fans and should do so with pride and class.  There are options as to how the signs should be allowed throughout the year.

Option A – Signs that are brought in within the 30-minute period are allowed to every home game.

Option B - Signs that are brought in within the 30-minute period are allowed to every Non-Conference home game.

Option C - Signs that are brought in within the 30-minute period are allowed to every Big East home game.


Proposal II: Villanova students would be able to bring their posters, cutouts and rollouts into the Pavilion after they have been pre-approved on a day prior to game day. For example, two days before each game, students bring their signs to a location, such as Jake Nevin, to get their signs approved for appropriateness by Athletics. By having signs pre-approved on a day separate than game day, there will be less chaos and no time crunch for how long it takes to get signs approved. The regular flow of game day will not be affected by this option.  

Option A - One to two days before a home basketball game, Athletics designates an hour for students to bring their signs to be approved for use at the game. If approved, Athletics puts a stamp, sticker, signature, etc. on the back of the sign. On game day, the students who bring their signs to the Pavilion must present to security the stamp, sticker, or signature on the back of their sign, proving they have received prior approval to use their sign in the student section. 

Option B - One to two days before a home basketball game, Athletics designates an hour for students to bring their signs to be approved for use at the game. Athletics then keeps the approved signs until game day. At the game behind the student section, there is a table where a student will present their Wildcard, which they presented when turning the sign in. This will ensure that the person who brought the sign for approval will be the person picking up their sign at the game. 


We believe that each of these options is viable for use in the Pavilion.  However, we do believe there needs to be a trial run. What we propose is that at our last Pavilion home game vs. Butler on 2/26 that we run a trial period of letting students bring signs into the Pavilion, using whichever proposed method Athletics likes best. The same rules with Athletics checking each sign and creating the hard deadline would still be in effect. Obviously as with every trial period, if the student body proves that they cannot handle the newfound freedom then Athletics can take the required steps to revoke the privilege that is given to the students. 

We as a student section are ready to prove ourselves as an elite section to the country. We believe that allowing signs into the Pavilion would be a significant step forward. Attached are signatures showing support of this movement. 



Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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