Move the planned bike trail between Southbridge and Bishops Bay to along County M

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The bike trail highlighted in Waunakee-Westport's CORP plan shows a bike trail between Blue Ridge Trail in Southbridge to Oncken Road, and is scheduled to be constructed between 2020 and 2035. While our members agree with the fact a route is needed, from County K southward it needs to be moved to along County M instead of through the middle of a farm property. It is scheduled to be constructed through prime agricultural land, and a bike trail is already being constructed along County M one-quarter mile to the east. Please consider building slightly further east of the planned corridor to properly connect with a corridor along County M. It will receive more use if built in that location. There is already a safe bicycle crossing of County K at the stoplight there with walk signals, so less money would need to be spent on some sort of new road crossing for the trail.

There will be another bike trail less than a quarter of a mile away. We do not need two parallel trails this close in proximity that go to roughly the same ending point. The proposed trail will have to cross a busy 55 mph road, creating an unsafe and dangerous bicycle and pedestrian crossing. The other bike trail a quarter of a mile away already has a safe crossing with walk signals in place. The money proposed for use on this trail could be used for other infrastructure such as road resurfacing and improvements, lighting changes, and widening the Highway M Sixmile Creek bridge for safe off-street bicycle use. Thank you.

Photo: Vernon Ripp Farm on Highway Q south of Meffert Road

Courtesy of Corey Coyle [CC BY 3.0 (