Bring Renewable Energy to Chestnut Ridge

Bring Renewable Energy to Chestnut Ridge

January 12, 2020
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Village of Chestnut Ridge
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Why this petition matters

Started by Peggy Kurtz

Many of the towns and villages in Rockland are now considering an exciting proposal to lower energy costs and bring renewable energy to village residents.  The Chestnut Ridge Village Board needs to hear your voice now, to tell them to choose renewable energy!

A local group of municipalities is planning to transition to clean energy in Rockland County.  The Rockland group includes close to half of Rockland’s population.  This group, working with CCA administrator Joule Assets, will launch early in February. 

This group will participate in a state sponsored initiative called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).  Through this program, communities can create a buying group that purchases 100% renewable energy for electricity for its residents and small businesses, while also lowering costs.  63% of Westchester communities are participating – and collectively they have saved $15 million since 2016.

Please sign on to tell the Chestnut Ridge Board:

  1. Chestnut Ridge residents want to participate in Community Choice Aggregation in the already formed Rockland group, with Joule Assets. 
  2. We ask the Board to choose renewable energy. 
  3. We ask the Board to expedite this process, so that Chestnut Ridge can join this new group.

We do not want more brown energy.  Here’s one big step we can take to protect our children and future generations!

For more information, contact Rockland Sierra Club at or call 845 709-0802.

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Signatures: 25Next Goal: 50
Support now

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