Allow Backyard Chickens in Pawnee, IL

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There are many benefits to raising backyard chickens. However residents living in Pawnee, IL are prohibited from keeping them:


Subject to the provisions of Section 4-1-16 of this Chapter, and subject to the Village Zoning Ordinance, the keeping or harboring of any wild animal or fowl, horses, asses, mules, cattle, swine (including pot-bellied pigs), sheep, goats, geese, ducks, rodents (except hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and other rodents commonly kept as pets) or chickens within the corporate limits of the Village is prohibited, and is hereby declared a nuisance. Such animals, if found running at large, shall be taken up by the animal control officer and taken to the poundkeeper for humane destruction or other disposal at the discretion of the poundkeeper. (Ord. 96-12, 9-9-1996)"

Arguments for allowing residents to raise a limited number of hens (no roosters) are piling up very quickly. Chickens can make a family-friendly addition to a backyard. Aside from the obvious benefit of fresh eggs for your family, they are also natural pest control, provide compostable manure for your garden, quieter than most dogs, and they are just plain funny birds that can make great pets! Keeping chickens also adds the potential for children to use them as projects for school, 4-H, scouting programs, and more!

Many cities and towns across the country are changing their ordinances, to the delight of all those who want a few feathered friends in their lives. Per Purina Mills, "The combination of chickens and a garden can create a strong backyard ecosystem. Along with fresh eggs and family fun, raising chickens provides a natural and simple way to add to a backyard’s health and beauty." (

We ask for your support in helping us take our arguments to the Village of Pawnee to get the ordinance against backyard chickens revised!

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"Board of Trustee Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm.

If you have business that you would like to discuss, please email the Village Clerk, , to be added to the agenda."