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Light Up Oak Park Alleys & Neighborhood Street Lights

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There have been 16 carjackings in Oak Park in 2017. Less than 1 1/2 weeks ago, my daughter and I were victims in one of these attempts. Less than 1 week ago, my neighbor was also a victim. Carjackings in Oak Park are growing. I am asking you to please sign this petition to Light up Oak Park.

Did you know that our light poles have not been upgraded since the 1970's? Did you know that many of our street lights are 40% less bright due to a decision 10-years ago to not replace them as often in order to cut costs? We need to retrofit all light poles in Oak Park to LED bulbs which are brighter, save money and do not lose power as quickly as current light bulbs. With 7000 light poles at a cost of about $400 per pole, it would cost approximately $2.8 million. We also need to add more light posts in our alleys that are pitch dark. We cannot afford to have aged, dark and unsafe lights in our streets and alleys. The Village of Oak Park and Public Works should use our tax dollars to provide for our safety while the Oak Park Police continues to work to solve these crimes from happening.

Lighting in the front of our houses and our alleys is only a part of the equation to solve this violent crime spree in our neighborhood. In addition to active policing and things like sensor lights, locks and video systems, it is a piece of the puzzle that can provide more safety to folks coming home from work with their kids or loved ones. We want to be able to come home and park in front of our homes or in our garages without fear.

Sign this petition to improve our community and help deter these kinds of violent crimes from happening in Oak Park.

We want the Village of Oak Park to Immediately:
1. Upgrade street and alley lights.
2. Create a process for blocks to vote to add additional light poles and other safety improvements.

Please sign as soon as possible so that I can present this to the Village Board tomorrow 12/11/17 at 7pm.



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