Public dog park at the creek on Conger Blvd.

Public dog park at the creek on Conger Blvd.

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Village of Groton Board

Why this petition matters

Started by Lela Bones

There is no public location in Groton for dogs to run off leash unleashed. Some would argue that dog owners can build fences, but most of the residents in Groton rent, and are un-allowed to do so. I am petitioning the Village of Groton to enhance the pavilion on Conger Blvd by adding a fenced in, off-leash dog park. A community dog park would help the community by: 

  1. Connecting the subset community of dog owners in Groton.
  2. Giving dog owners a location to socialize their dogs in a mutual space.
  3. Aiding in the local dog feces issue of people not picking up their dogs poop by encouraging dog owners to take their dog to relieve themself in one location where poop bags and trash cans will be provided. 
  4. Enhancing the dogs life by allowing them to run in an open space off leash and socialize with other dogs. 
  5. Increasing foot traffic to Main Street, therefore increasing local business.     

We need The Village of Groton Board to support this community effort. This will allow us to apply to grants to fund the dog park and create a non-profit that oversees the cleaning and future funding of the dog park. Thank you all for your support and time! 

46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!