Allow Glenview Community Input on Scott Foresman | Pearson Property Discussions!

Allow Glenview Community Input on Scott Foresman | Pearson Property Discussions!

April 8, 2021
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Village of Glenview's Elected Leaders
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Why this petition matters

Started by Michael Korman

Dear Glenview Neighbors,

If you were not happy with the development process employed by Mitch Goltz/GW Glenview at Willow-Pfingsten or by Drake at the former Bess Hardware site or the silly Station 13 Closure decision by the Trustees, let's turn this development opportunity on its head.

The property, commonly known as Scott Foresman | Pearson, located on East Lake between the METRA/Amtrak/CP-Soo Rail Line and the Tall Trees neighborhood in Glenview, Illinois, is going through foreclosure proceedings.

Rather than a developer telling the Village and Trustees what should go on this historically significant site, the residents should tell the Trustees and potential owners what WE want on that site.

The building there now is a historically significant PerkinsWill designed mid-1960s construction that was featured in the October 1968 issue of Architectural Record magazine.

The neighbors in Tall Trees should have a heavy say in what is developed here.

In my humble opinion, razing/tearing down the building is a non-starter.  The property is in a FEMA-designated flood zone.  It is very near the IEPA-designated impaired waters of the West Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River.

We MUST rally the Northfield Township Supervisor and Trustees, the Glenview President and Trustees, the Glenbrook HS District 225 Superintendent and Board and Elementary District 34 Superintendent and Board, and the Glenview Park District Board to develop a comprehensive solution for the betterment of Glenview.

Some ideas:

1) Move a school here (private or public)

2) Correct traffic signal issues between Tall Trees and Pearson properties

3) Flood mitigation project to better protect Tall Trees from chronic flooding

4) Added Baseball fields (to mitigate the loss of one at Westbrook) and maybe, selfishly, proper Oark District Pickleball Courts.

5) Bike and/or walking trails connecting Chestnut Street (and The Glen) to Downtown Glenview

6) added habitats for birds, bees, and other wildlife conducive to Glenview.

7) area for walkable/bikeable Farmer’s Market and/or common space for art and craft fairs

8) Your ideas!!

All ideas are welcome, well...except that if you want to turn it into an IKEA Ball Pit...While fun, I won’t support it.

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Signatures: 512Next Goal: 1,000
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