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Petitioning Village of Glenview and WIlmette

Conduct an immediate safety pedestrian study for the area surrounding Avoca School District.

We, the undersigned, request the Villages of Glenview and Wilmette to conduct an immediate study to improve the safety of pedestrians.

Included in this study should be:

1. A plan to add sidewalks to the surrounding Avoca West Elementary school neighborhoods. The sidewalk plan would be for the installation of sidewalks on Sherwood Rd. through Hunter Rd, from E. Lake Ave. to Wilmette Ave.  An additional plan is requested on Heatherfield Lane, from Sherwood to Wilmette Ave.  A final request would create a sidewalk from Hunter Rd. west to Harms Rd.

2. Improve traffic flow through the creation of a new egress point at the rear of Avoca West School. A second sanctioned entrance needs be created at West Park. This would connect the school to West Park which already has sidewalks. A protected driveway would be erected as the official egress lane from the school during drop-off and pickup.

3. Install and Enforce speed calming measures on Lake Ave, Skokie Blvd, and Illinois Rd.  While Lake Ave, Hibbard Rd, and Illinois Rd are all owned by the county/state, we believe it is the village’s responsibility to insure the safety of its residents as they walk, bike, or drive throughout their neighborhoods.  We respectively ask for the crosswalks on Lake at Manor Dr. and West Park Dr. to be painted as the building located at 3513 W. Lake currently has ten Avoca West families. Skokie Blvd and Hibbard Rd have no painted crosswalks, no pedestrian push button walk signals, and no curbs to prevent a car from driving over the grass/sidewalk. There are no sidewalks on Illinois Rd between Skokie Blvd and Hibbard Rd, making it extremely dangerous when the residents and students are forced to share the street. 

We live in a great area of East Glenview and West Wilmette with close access to schools, parks, the forest preserve, shopping, and the Edens expressway. Unfortunately, access to these resources is limited due to a lack of pedestrian-friendly sidewalks.  Our neighbors are forced onto streets alongside automotive traffic when walking to school, exercising through the neighborhood, or strolling with their dogs.  Additionally, the surrounding area completely lacks any accessibility for residents with disabilities, thus it is not ADA compliant.

Much has changed since our neighborhoods were developed in the 1950s, such as increases in:

- Population
- Traffic
- Average number of cars per household
- Size & Structure of cars
- Mobile phone use

While the past design of the neighborhoods may have been appropriate for the 1950s, as times have changed our neighborhoods have failed to keep pace. We should not have to wait for and react to a fatal accident before action is taken, we should be proactive about our neighborhoods' safety.

We are asking the Villages of Glenview and Wilmette to conduct a sidewalk feasibility plan.  Any resulting sidewalk plan would first need to be reviewed and approved by residents prior to being implemented.

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