Oppose Lithium Battery Incineration in Broome County

Oppose Lithium Battery Incineration in Broome County

April 26, 2020
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Village of Endicott
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Why this petition matters

Started by No Burn Broome

We urge residents of Endicott and Broome County to sign the following petition. This is URGENT since the village council is trying to make a zoning change which would allow a very controversial lithium ion battery recycling/incineration facility (SungEel Americas, LLC) to operate at 801 Clark Street, Endicott, NY.

This facility involves subjecting lithium ion batteries and their components to high temperatures in a rotary kiln and the burning of the gases produced. This facility has the potential for fires, explosions and very toxic emissions including dioxins. 

The air permit issued by the DEC is both flawed and deficient. This whole project is being rushed through with unseemly haste and very few residents know much about the dangers. We are having to organize in a pandemic. This project should be put on hold until after the lock down has been lifted so that we can have a full public hearing with experts from both sides. 

The best way to stop this going forward is to urge our council NOT to vote for any change in zoning. Please sign this petition to the council. Tell them not to vote for any zoning change that would allow this facility to operate in Endicott.

Petition: I do not want the council to vote on a zoning change that would allow SungEel to recycle/incinerate lithium ion batteries in Endicott.

Legal actions against organizations like this are expensive and can be lengthy. We are requesting donations to support a legal fund that will be used only to assist with this action.  The firm we are using is Braymer Law, PLLC.  Any remaining funds will be donated to various charities that include Mercy House of the Southern Tier,  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Broome County Humane Society.

We truly appreciate your support and thank you for your donation.




Support now
Signatures: 4,417Next Goal: 5,000
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