Protect farmers rights

Protect farmers rights

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Village of Corrales

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Started by antonio olguin

The undersigned on this Petition to the Village of Corrales’ Mayor and Council believes that:


The farming community of Corrales must be preserved to maintain the character and economic viability as stated in the mission statement of the Farmland Preservation and Agriculture Commission ordinance as follows:


“The Commission shall assist the Village in providing for the preservation of farmland, open space and viewsheds; supporting the economic viability of agricultural businesses in the Village; preserving the agricultural character of the Village; and providing for the local production and marketing of agricultural products to provide a sustainable supply of local food and other agricultural products for the residents of the Village.”


Local farmers/landowners have historically retained the right to grow any legal crop they determine to be a viable part of its agricultural enterprise whether it be for personal use or  commercial purposes in order to sustain an income as a local business and/or to maintain alifestyle each property owner wishes to pursue.


The state of New Mexico has determined that both medical and recreational cannabis is a legal crop that introduces an opportunity for small and disadvantaged farmers to expand their income potential provided they meet the requirements of the law that includes local ordinance requirements.


We urge the Mayor and Council to consider the interests of the agricultural producers by not banning the option for the production of cannabis in zones A-1 and A-2 as this would become another blow and further diminishment to the long-term viability of agriculture that continues to define this community despite the development pressures already consuming available farmland and open spaces.  Please vote to approve a sound, reasonable and protective ordinance for the legal production of cannabis within the rural areas of the Village.


98 have signed. Let’s get to 100!