Dedication of the Frink Park "Train Station" Pavilion in honor of Mayor Norma Zimmer

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Michael Folsom
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Norma Zimmer has long served as the Mayor of the Village of Clayton, NY, leading it through various projects and economic development that has led to the betterment of the community.

During her tenure, Mayor Zimmer has surged the river community forward with projects like the community playground, the Clayton Riverwalk, the addition of the luxury Harbor Hotel, the redevelopment of Frink Park and the addition of the "train station" pavilion, the development of the Thousand Islands Regional Dock and Cruise Ship Terminal, various local events, as well as the current undertaking of leading the village forward with the beautification of downtown via the burial of overhead wiring and the reconstruction of Riverside Drive. 

She has represented this community on numerous platforms and at the ripe age of 85, she refuses to slow down. This is her home, which she is extremely proud of. She exemplifies what is right about Clayton! 

Personally, it was a phone call from Mayor Zimmer that led me to deciding to take a role with the Antique Boat Museum in 2013. I was also given the honor of speaking during her Citizen of the Year dinner that year. In addition, in 2011 it was Mayor Zimmer who gave me the green light to host the Sailing Seaway/Seaway Splash festival each June at Frink Park. I am forever grateful for her friendship and endorsement over the years.

Norma deserves a tip of the hat from this community and I believe naming of her beloved Frink Park pavilion after her would be an ideal way of doing it.

Note: This is by no means a suggestion of altering or removing the Frink name from the park. This is in relation to the physical structure within the park. It should also be noted that Mayor Zimmer is a former employee of Frink.