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Support young artists over commercial interests!

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The historical Union School house in Yellow Springs, Ohio was one of the first integrated schools in the region, integrating in 1887 directly after the repeal of Ohio's "Black Laws".  It has had many re-inventions after that point, being a home to artists and culture makers in it's most recent 20 years.  It is the place I first taught a dance class, a place many have gone for healing work, home to our small radical library and communist discussion group, among other important and life changing moments for a large portion of the extended Yellow Springs community and it is currently up for sale.  

Our fear is that this sale will allow for another hotel or private commercial interest to move in and continue to encroach on the opportunities for low-income artists, artists of color, and the younger generations of artists trying to hold onto the legacy of Yellow Springs.  Especially as low-income housing options are decreasing exponentially making this village, which once was an enclave of for midwestern Black community along with anti-racist and radical thought and culture increasingly exclusive to the white elite.

We want the Village Council of Yellow Springs to instead INVEST in the future of Yellow Springs and buy the Union School house in order to dedicate it in trust to house live/work spaces for low-income artists preserving it's historical significance as one of the first integrated schools in Ohio by prioritizing artists of color, young artists, queer and trans artist and low-income artists.  By investing in these communities and their points of intersection, they will be securing a just future for our village to maintain a strong hold for anti-racist and radical thought and action in the heart of an increasingly conservative-controlled state.  

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