We have rights

We have rights

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Villa Granada Apt.

Why this petition matters

Started by Vicroria Barragan

Every tenant is at risk in the Villa Granada Apts. 

If we all stand together, we can make the changes necessary. If we do so, we can live in peace, without feeling we can be terminated at any given moment.

We should not have to be silent or tolerate discrimination, inappropriate behavior, verbal abuse, or harassment, so we do not get kicked out. We are all people and deserve respect. Just because someone is in a higher position, they still do not dictate anything more than the contract that is signed. 

No one should be treated differnt, because of the color of their skin, the amount of money they make, or religion they belive in. Do not be silent. Stand for what you belive in and stand for what is right. 

If we lose there will be no repercussions, so take the stand with me and let's fight for our rights. 

No family should be thrown out strandend with no where to go. Our children shouldn't cry, because they have to live with another relative or guardian. As a parent we shouldn't have to live in fear of feeling we can be homeless at any moment with our children. 

In Arizona, the landlord cannot terminate a lease, refuse to renew a lease, or raise the rent on a tenant who has: Exercised a legal right.Sep 24, 2021

Also, unsafe conditions may include lack of heat and air conditioning (A.R.S. §33-1364), infestation of pests, or non-working appliances (A.R.S. §33-1324), among others.Dec 20, 2018

Please sign and share this petition as we fight for #Justice and all the other families who have been thrown out of their homes.

138 have signed. Let’s get to 200!