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Ban pornography in Hungary

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European fertility rates are extremelly low, Hungary is not an exception, to fix the situation and reach a fertility rate of 2.1 children per woman, we must do all that can be done.

It has been proven times and times again that testosterone is linked with the drive and ability of a man to pursue women. Studies on pornography users have shown lower testosterone than their porn-free counter parts, it is easily observable that a lot of today's men do not express the same masculine behavious than men of the past, when pornography didn't exist.

I suggest banning porn as a solution, it won't kill anyone don't worry, men who use pornography as a means to relieve themselves will now have a drive, a reason to actually go out there and chase women, of course men don't value women only for sex, but it is true that sexdrive is often the reason for which men chase women.

There is a community out there called "NoFap", this community exists for a number of years now and they nearly all report (on their dedicated subreddit and other social medias) that whithin days of quitting pornography and masturbation their sex drive is greatly enhanced.

Finally, Hungary will benefit greatly from such a simple measure, once the fertility is fixed, there will be more taxpayers to pay for the pensions of elderly people, we know that Japan which has a very low fertility rate has a huge debt linked to this problem. Some countries have already implemented the measure like China and Ukraine which both have low fertility.

Please government of Hungary, be bold and implement this measure for the sake of your country.

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