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#UsernameProtection on Twitter

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Our most urgent concern is to protect our usernames from being mentioned in racist, homophobic, pornographic or violent tweets without restricting free speech.  We are a community of people who love Periscope & Twitter, yet harassing/bullying accounts are driving away members of our communities. 

The Problem:

1. Many of us have been harassed for months by having our usernames tweeted publicly with graphic pictures, nudity, violent pornography and racist comments. We have reported these, but we do not have the ability to separate our name from the inappropriate & socially offensive comments. These tweets and mentions forever connect us to inappropriate or offensive content on Twitter. Being attached to this content may be damaging to our careers, families and educational goals.

2. Currently, our only option is locking direct messaging (DM) and setting our account to private as a to "avoid" harassment. For those of us who use Twitter for advocacy, professionally or socially it is counterproductive. This measure also hinders the promotion of Periscope broadcasts through Twitter, which is not good for the growth of our communities or the app itself.

3. When it comes to cyber bullying or harassment, Twitter advises blocking the offending party. However, an abusive account can continue to make offensive comments mentioning our usernames for the public to see. Twitter's proposed "safety" measures of blocking and muting to protect the bullied/harassed person(s) leaves our usernames unprotected. Essentially, it only prevents those targeted from seeing these abusive/harassing tweets. This is similar to someone placing racist, homophobic and pornographic content on a billboard, with our names on it, by the freeway, then being told to take a different route to keep from seeing it! Everyone else is still able to see our usernames connected to this content except for the harassed/bullied person who blocked the account.

The Solution:

1. We would like Twitter to create settings similar to the photo tag option. Please give users the option on our usernames being mentioned in tweets by those we do not follow and/or our followers, as well as, the ability to disconnect ourself from any tweet in conflict with our lifestyle or nature. We are asking for a choice in what materials our name is used to endorse or promote.

2. We would like Twitter to restrict a blocked user from being able to mention, tweet, like Periscope broadcasts or other tweets or have any contact with the person who blocked them. We need the ability to delete or remove the mention of our username in material which is harassing, obscene, violent or harmful to our name.  When someone deletes an account, it removes all DMs, tweets and sign of them on Twitter.  We are asking for something similar when blocking a bully or harassing account.  Once blocked, previous mentions of the victim disappear, victim's account is no longer visible to the bully, any mention of the victim's Username will not post and they cannot contact thru DM.

We do not want to restrict free speech, yet we do not want our names to appear as endorsements for child/adult pornography, violent abuse, racism, and hate speech.

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