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Petitioning Dir. Gen. & Mission Director (UIDAI), Vijay S Madan - and 3 others

Vijay S Madan - Dir. Gen. & Mission Director (UIDAI),: Provide Better Registration facilities for Differently Abled

People who are differently abled are unable to get the Aadhaar Card which is an important document issued by the Government of India. The people who are differently able are unable to get registered due to issue of the software unable to accept individual finger /iris scan there by leaving an important part of Indian population unregistered.

we are appealing to them to have adaptive equipment to ensure the registration happens across all abilities. 


Letter to
Dir. Gen. & Mission Director (UIDAI), Vijay S Madan -
PS to DDG Lalita Avneesh Tomar
Deputy Director General - mumbai Ajay Bhushan Pandey
and 1 other
System Analyst (PMU) Santosh Kumar
Provide Better facilities for Differently Abled

I write to you as a concerned citizen and/ or a parent of special need child. I understand the importance of the aadhaar card for the population of differently disabled. I am aware that the adults and children are unable to make their aadhaar card due to following reasons :
1. Due to Spasticity in the hand, the adult / child is unable to open all the fingers at one time and thus unable to offer finger prints for the process. The staff is often cooperative trying multiple attempts but as the software used only accepts all the fingers at one time. The adult / child is unable to get the registration.

2. Iris Scan : due to lack of complete understanding asking the child to look straight and focus in the iris scan becomes an issue thus making it difficult to have the iris scan for both the eyes together again.

3. There have been incidents of the staff at the center not being sensitive to the needs of the special need child and his parent. We would request you to have staff sensitize and educated to the needs of the special need population.

I know there are many parents who have tried and failed and wish that there is a better system which will accept the application of their child's registrations. As well a large number of adult population of differently abled.

I appeal to you to intervene and find a solution with your IT department for children and adults with special needs.