Stop Harassment against cafe's in Ahmedabad

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The Kiosks on S.G. Highway were allotted in an auction in September 2015 by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The extended area of 2 metres on each side of the kiosk was allowed to be utilised by the AMC. Most of the stall owners constructed a nice seating for their customers, some of them even constructed a shed from the rain and sun. We also requested an allowance to occupy more area for utilisation, but received no response, and a demolition without a notice the first time in January 2016. We did not lose hope then, and were fined with a specified amount of rent for the extended area that was utilised by us, that was duly measured by AMC officials.

Post all of these measures, AMC still decided to come and demolish our constructed seating space, unannounced/without any prior notice, on absolutely absurd grounds that the construction caused traffic. It was AMC's responsibility to built a paved parking facility on the land between two consecutive stalls, and lease out this duty to a private entity to manage. It has been three years and they have failed to do so. Not only that, the stalls have not been provided with a proper garbage collection facility nor a proper sewage line. The lamp posts on our surrounding area are malfunctioning half the time. Despite being regular in paying our taxes, this is what we receive from the government in return.

Besides this, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police, has since our establishment made repeated attempts at misbehaving with all stall owners. Asking them to shut down, shooing away their customers at times. Blaming us for the incorrect way our customers park their vehicles due to lack of an official parking system and parking space promised by the AMC. The Ahmedabad Traffic Police department's failure at regulating the traffic rules is resulting in them throwing their responsibilities at us.