STOP Sports Nutrition companies from feeding Beef/Pork to Indians without their knowledge

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World's leading fitness supplement companies like Optimum Nutrition, Muscletech, Cellucor & Musclepharm sell their products in India. These supplements mostly come in capsule form and the outer coating of the capsules is made from "Gelatin".

The source of the Gelatin that these companies use is made from BEEF & PORK which goes against the religious sentiments of Indians. And indian's who workout consume these supplements without knowing this fact as the label does not mention the source of the Gelatin.

This Gelatin can be easily made from plant sources, but these companies in order to save on a fraction of the cost do not do that and they also do not care about the religious sentiments of Indians.

This situation is similar to the year 1857, where Britishers gave gunpowder cartridges that were greased with cow and pig fat to Indian soldiers  and that led to the rebellion by the Indian soldiers against the Britishers & ultimately their ouster from India.

This is an appeal to the Sports Ministry of India to stop allowing import of sports supplements that do not disclose the source of Gelatin, thereby depriving fitness enthusiasts from making an informed choice about their supplement intake.