Allow 24-hour period before pet's bodies are disposed of by Animal Control

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I am 24-years-old. My cat Tipper was 17-years-old. Her entire life was spent with me as her caretaker. Most of my fondest memories as a child included Tipper.

On February 26th, 2018, my apartment was broken into and my Tipper, a strictly indoor cat, got out. With my efforts of finding her, I was unsuccessful. She was hit by a car that evening and brought to animal control where she was put down. The next morning is when I discovered that her body had already been put in a black, plastic bag and disposed of in a landfill where roadkill is sent, beside the community's trash. I made many calls, including to the landfill company, even speaking with the Head of Operations, about finding her body so that I could lay her to rest in a more dignified manner like she deserved. I was informed by the Head of Operations, that even in the 24-hour period that had passed, there was no chance I would find her body as it had been buried too deep by that point.

Information provided by the Vigo County Health Department, who does the disposal of animal's bodies, states that they will only hold pet's bodies for a period of time if they have been microchipped or were wearing a collar, otherwise assuming them to be strays. My Tipper did not wear a collar, so in less than 12 hours, she was sent off to a landfill like trash. I did not have a chance to say goodbye.

I am writing this petition to change the rules on how long pet's bodies are held by the health department before they are disposed, regardless of being microchipped or wearing a collar. Just because a pet is not microchipped nor wearing a collar does not mean they are not loved and not a part of someone's family. For 17 years, Tipper slept by my side. Tipper was an indoor cat who did not even dream of being outside. She wandered only when the door was left open by burglars. Please sign this petition out of respect for Tipper and other loving pets who deserved a chance of being found by their families before being disposed.

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