Help a young Armenian finish his education before serving his country

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  • Vazgen Ananyan is a young Armenian who is about to start his second year at UWC Mahindra College in Mulshi, India.
  • The UWCs are an educational movement comprising 17 schools in different parts of the globe. Inspired young students from 155 different countries who have proven to be leaders in their communities all come together to study in an environment that fosters intercultural understanding, personal responsibility and initiative, and a sense of idealism, all of which create a drive in UWC students to bring about change on a global scale
  • Needless to say, being a part of this movement presents Vazgen with numerous opportunities that will not just help him grow as a person, but also empower him to serve his country better.
  • However, Vazgen is now 18 years old, and has to begin his compulsory military service in the Armenian Army. He has tried to obtain deferment but has failed.
  • This means that Vazgen has to join the army without completing his UWC Education. Without becoming a force for real change.
  • In his first year Vazgen has performed Indian songs in front of international icons and Indian industrialists like Anand Manhindra, created praiseworthy paintings and visual pieces, and travelled all over India and imbibed every single local culture and custom, from eating with his fingers to drinking tea and discussing politics at a roadside stall. He now speaks Hindi better than some of the native Indian speakers. All this after coming to a country he knew nothing about, and adjusting to a completely alien environment while grappling with one of the toughest curricula in the world: the IB. This is all that he has done and learned in one year. Imagine what he can do in another.
  • The petition would be sent to the Minister of Defence of Armenia, who can reconsider Vazgen's deferment given the widespread support it has received.
  • Signing this would bring Vazgen a step closer to fulfilling his UWC education and becoming an agent for the growth and improvement of his country and the world. It would bring him a step closer to secure a year-long deferment from his service, after which he will carry out his compulsory service with pride, like many other young Armenian men.
  • But most importantly, signing this will help Vazgen serve his country, not just with a gun in his hands, but also with the troubles of his people in his mind.

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