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Vietnamese government: Stricter sentencing for dog smugglers!

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Dogs are mankind's best friends. Yet in Vietnam, China, Korea and many other Southeast Asian countries still eat dog out of habit. In Vietnam, cats and dogs are even being stolen away from their beloved owners for sale to specialized restaurants.

We are calling for the government of Vietnam to strengthen their laws in order to protect peoples pets. At the moment dog smugglers are getting away with stealing peoples dogs or they are being caught and in some cases, beaten to death by the dog’s owners and local people. This is because the police only fine these smugglers the equivalent of 5 - 10 pounds!!! People are scared of their beloved pets being stolen away but they also have to cope with crazy violent dog smugglers who are willing to hurt people just to steal their dogs.

This is wrong on many levels and it needs to stop! The only way to stop this chaos is for the Vietnamese government to realize that in Vietnam, dogs and cats are also recognised as members of the family. They are also loved by their owners, and stealing them away from their family is unacceptable!

This needs to be stopped! Strengthen the law: Raise the fine and use jail sentences!

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