Restart works for Megaman Starforce 4

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Recently reports have come to light from Rockman Corner that there were works on the fouth installment of the Megaman Starforce series but unfortunately they were cancelled midway because of the poor sales of Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star (>60,000 units) and lower than expected sales of the third installment in the starforce series, i.e., Megaman Starforce 3 (between 174,426 - 210,000 units in Japan).  

It was revealed that the fourth installment was meant to be more "mature" than the previous entries and would have featured a much older and hardened Geo Stellar along with a new character, Kazuma, who is the direct descendant of Lan Hikari and both of them have a bounty of 8,000,000 zennys each.  "Hacking" was meant to be the main theme or gimmick for the fourth game, as compared to "Noise" from the third game.

This petition is directed to Capcom and the game developers in hopes that if this petition gets enough support, they may consider restarting the decade-old franchise as there are many people from all across the world who would want to see a fourth Megaman Starforce game.  

Please sign this petition and share this petition to your friends and family.  You never know success a petition could bring.