Add Ukrainian localization to existing and upcoming video games on all platforms

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Currently most video games have no official Ukrainian translation. Moreover, the games that are sold in Ukraine are distributed by a Russian distribution company called 1C. It's unacceptable during the time of Russian military invasion into Ukraine. Since the US, EU, Japan, South Korea and other countries support the sovereignty and the integrity of Ukraine, the video game developers of the aforementioned countries should also comply with this policy.

It is not true that the Ukrainian market is not profitable, as some might say. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania have a smaller population than Ukraine. Nevertheless there are many video games with localization for these countries.

There is a huge video game piracy in Russia but still there are tons of games with an official Russian localization.

More and more Ukrainian gamers are willing to buy licensed game copies. And this number will grow if there are games with Ukrainian localization because many people don't understand English.

Ukraine has all prerequisites for game localization. We have great IT specialists, skillful translators, talented voice actors, numerous recording studios. Ukrainian movie translations and dubbing are one of the best in the world!

Please add a Ukrainian localization to your released and upcoming video games on all possible platforms.

Sincerely yours,

44 million people of Ukraine