Vidarbha's first Skate Park in Nagpur

Vidarbha's first Skate Park in Nagpur

4 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nagpur SB

With the surge in the number of people for outdoor sports event in the country we see a sport and an activity particularly Skateboarding which in fact is gaining popularity also because it was included in 2020 for the first time in history in one the biggest sporting event in the world which is Olympics. 

Sensing the rise the major cities of the country have already constructed skate parks that are gated or open-for-all kind of spaces for the Olympic-level sport.

Nagpur becoming the fastest growing city which is leading the country through its one of its kind projects also requires a skatepark that not only promotes health and fitness but also beautifies cities infrastructure for the ever growing city.

What we want is for Nagpur Municipal Corporation or Nagpur Improvement Trust to include plans for a skatepark infused with green spaces. Moreover, we can repurpose the underbridge area of the city roads preventing it from illicit activities and illegal settlements. 

It's an amazing thing when people come together and make something great for everyone to enjoy.
We urge everyone to kindly sign this petition and share it with others and help us build Eastern Maharashtra's first skatepark.

Anuj Tiwari
Legion Sports Club

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Signatures: 70Next Goal: 100
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