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Overturning adoptions!

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I want to bring down DHS/CPS empire of kidnapping children and selling them off. I want to overturn adoptions and get families that have been wronged back together. So I created a new system, a new agency VCFS (Victory For Children and Family Services) because I see then need for this agency. There have been too many suicides of both parents and children that have been torn apart, including mine and these politicians are doing nothing about it. They are actually turning the other check. Parents are paying thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, for what? The same result? So VCFS will bypass the lawyer fees and court fees and return your children back where they need to be: With the Parent! DHS/CPS has been profiting off of our pain and suffering and still have jobs even committing crimes to sell your children. Well VCFS is here to stop that. But in order for VCFS to do that, this agency needs to be up and running and it costs. Please, lets help stop this corruption of DHS/CPS no matter where you are! Please donate to VCFS and lets stop this corruption once and for all! Thank you all for your support towards VCFS. 

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