Increase punishment and security on the law of car jacking’s in the state of Victoria.

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The people of the state of Victoria, are on constant threat of their cars being stolen. Everyone could be/can be affected by this crime. If not taken action on, many peoples motor vehicles could be at risk. Criminals are being let go to easily for these crimes and are getting minimal sentencing.

I have also spoken to two police officers who have discussed with me about  aggravated car carjackings.  Aggravated carjackings are more serious than normal carjackings. This crime involves the use of threats and violence to steal someone’s car, the most common item used in the crime is a cricket bat and baseball bat.

Statistics state that in 2017, there were over 52,858 cars stolen in all of Australia and 29% of all of the cars that were stolen were from Victoria. Although carjacking rates have depleted over the years, people are still stealing cars through means of force and are not getting enough jail time for the crime.  

If this petition is successful, then there will be increased punishments and jail time for these offenders, making our streets and homes more safe. If this petition doesn’t go through, then all of us could be at risk of these ongoing horrific crime. Make our homes and streets safer.