Dog grooming to be open during stage 4 restrictions!

Dog grooming to be open during stage 4 restrictions!

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Elyse Sara started this petition to Victorian State Government and

Please sign this petition to allow dog groomers to reopen during stage 4 restrictions.

For many dogs, dog grooming is an essential service and without it can cause serious health issues.

Below you will read testimonials I have gathered from clients who’s dogs are suffering during this lockdown due to them not being able to be groomed.

“I have a therapy dog who’s breed requires regular grooming. Due to my injuries and being a disability pensioner i am unable to maintain Lola’s needs during this lockdown. My mental anguish associated with PTSD has me feeling that I am letting Lola’s needs down” - Rob

“I have 3 dogs that all require regular grooming due to their coats. Without regular grooming it becomes a health issue for my dogs. One of my dogs has atopic dermatitis and a thick wool like coat. One of the only things that manages his dermatitis is regular grooming. Due to the lockdown and being unable to groom him, he has had a severe dermatitis flare up, resulting in painful red rashes, itching and ear infections. This cost me $400 to treat at the vet and he has had to take medications again, which I have been able to avoid with regular grooming. It’s not possible to groom him myself as he suffers severe anxiety. One of my other dogs is completely blind and I also find it incredibly hard to groom her myself. Grooming for dogs like this is a welfare issue and they can’t wait another 2 months before being allowed to be groomed.” - Juliea

“Alfie is a cavoodle and suffers from dermatitis around his eyes. If the hair is long it causes a flare up resulting in red raw skin and constant vet visits. I am unable to fix the hair problem like a groomer would. He sees the groomer monthly to make sure the hair around his eyes is kept short” - Julie

“One of my fur babies has skin allergies and is so uncomfortable that we have had to increase his medication until he can be groomed. I’ve attempted to trim them around their eyes but I am terrified of hurting them” - Fiorella

“We have a 13yo cavoodle who suffers from chronic ear infections, skin rashes on her mouth and feet. We are unable to groom her ourselves as she is deaf and going blind and it isn’t safe for us to attempt to trim her fur to stop the infections. Without her regular grooms we are constantly at the vet trying to  get her ear and skin infections under control” - Kimberly

“My dog relays on regular grooming to maintain his very thick coat. I have tried doing some grooming at home but find it extremely hard as he moves, cry’s and growls making him very uncomfortable and distressed. During this lockdown I have come very close to accidentally harming him as I don’t have the equipment or skills to groom him at home” - Kaylee

“Living on acreage with a long haired dog that can’t be groomed is hard because weeds, grass bits and thorns are getting stuck on their hair and hurting them when I try to get them out” - Molly

Dog grooming is more than just a ‘pamper session’ for dogs, it’s a service that helps the dogs welfare and wellbeing. Due to dog groomers being closed dogs are becoming seriously ill and are hurting. This is now an animal welfare issue.

A dog groomer has the ability to have NO CONTACT with humans making the risk very low.

Let’s do this for our beloved pets and give them the care they truely deserve.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!