24-hour Police station for Drouin with adequate Policing resources

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Drouin is in a midst of a sky rocketing crime rate, our population is growing rapidly with new estates being developed constantly. Our small police station doesn't have enough resources and as soon as the Police station is closed of an evening the dishonest come out to steal what other people have worked hard for.

In the 2016 Census stated that 12,349 people reside in Drouin with a 13.1% annual growth rate this means that today there are circa 17,000 people residing in Drouin, how is a small town  police station supposed to handle the population?

We need a 24 hour police station in Drouin to stamp out the crime. All of us locals have had enough of the sharp increase in the crime rate.

Last week I wrote to Daniel Andrews highlighting the need for Drouin to have a 24-hour Police station, I mentioned that I will be submitting the results of an online petition to validate what I had written to him.

Please take a minute of your time to sign the petition so we can again, have a safe, quiet & peaceful Drouin.