Creative Flowers Eltham Public Health Fine $11,000 Unfair! Support to overturn!

Creative Flowers Eltham Public Health Fine $11,000 Unfair! Support to overturn!

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Started by Izzy Villarreal

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Creative Flowers Eltham is a flower supplier in the Eltham Community run from a tent.  They were reported for having people enter too far into the tent to which they received an $11,000 fine. The business thought because they were outdoors and also being that the farmers market is open every Sunday with a florist among other shops in marquees they were doing the right thing but either way were never instructed to close just instructed to not let people enter into the workspace.

They never received a warning just an exorbitant fine which is outrageous given the hardship businesses are already coping with.

They now have stands running from end to end and roped off allowing customers to come 1 meter in so you are under shelter but not in an enclosed space. Customers can still purchase their flowers by selecting from the stands, click and collect and offer free local delivery..

Creative Flowers Eltham has brought so much joy over these trying months to many individuals and in particular, to many suffering their own hardships by displaying amazing acts of selflessness and love by simply giving out flowers at no cost and even giving out flowers out the local Parks to people simply to make someones day!

Creative Flowers Eltham have always tried to do the right thing and after everything they have been through and the fact they have immediately complied to the instructions, we, the Eltham Community strongly believe the fine of $11,000 should be reconsidered and overturned.

Please do not destroy one of our much loved businesses that we have lovingly tried so hard for to keep alive!


2,009 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!