Social Justice for all Community Groups

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Big changes are happening to our community without the consideration of all the community.

Darebin Council has been working with bike groups since 2014 to close median crossings along St.Georges from Merri parade to Murray road.

The community was only given a two-week window to respond in May 2017.

Many residents did not know about the survey, it missed whole groups including the elderly, immigrants, schools, and local businesses. The survey also assumed everyone had access to the internet.

This major arterial road connects us to community, to our schools, local shops, libraries, and essential services.

Gridlocked streets due to the temporary closures have resulted in emergency services having to travel on the wrong side of the road.

Local street traffic increases from 2,300 to nearly 5,000 per day.

There have been no studies on effects of traffic east to west or studies on the effects to the community.

I was told by Vic Roads that if l wanted all groups to be represented that l should start a petition.

Local, State and Federal governments need to hear that all community’s concerns need to be addressed and not just those who lobby and petition.

Please sign and share for a community that deserves and needs everyone to have a voice. These roads cannot just be closed off and a whole community is effected without proper consultation and studies.