Signatures for Serene

Signatures for Serene

7,302 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
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Victorian Legal Services Board and

Why this petition matters

Started by Cherise Thomas

Serene Teffaha of Advocate Me is an advocate for the people. She is the lawyer behind the National Class Action, representing public housing tower residents in Victoria, who were confined to their houses without warning during the COVID-19 outbreak. Serene also represents vulnerable clients involved in child sex abuse, police brutality, whistle blower protections and human rights abuse.

The Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB) have taken the unlawful action of cancelling Serene’s license to practice without any justification. Serene has been exposed to danger, and intimidated in her private residence.

The actions of the VLSB are by government instruction, there has not been a single complaint towards Serene from any of her current clients.

This action is disproportionate and is without factual basis and is a clear breach of the human rights of the people who are represented by Serene. The people and organisations behind these actions must be stopped immediately.

This has shaken Serene and those involved, however this will not stop them in the fight for justice. We must stand with Serene and her team of lawyers, and take action to prevent these atrocities from occurring.

To show support for Serene, we urge you to sign the following petition. The petition is directed at the VSLB and the Victorian government, and we request that Serene Teffaha of Advocate Me has her license to practice law in Australia reinstated immediately.

7,302 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!