Victorian Beauty Salons need to open with Full service Oct 26th

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The Victorian Beauty Clinics and Salons had the carpet ripped from underneath them again today. Beauty Salons and Skin clinics throughout Victoria were promised that they would Re Open with their Hairdressing counter parts on the 26th Oct. The hairdressers got moved forward a week (good for them) and the poor old Vic Salons got moved back another week. The Salon and Skin operators of Victoria feel really strongly that they can offer exemplary CoVid safe plans and need an opportunity to Open for several safe and scientific reasons:

Contact tracing: Vic Salons are able to get the name, numbers and details from every client that they see. Vic Salons can temp test all clients and can screen them 24 hours before they come in for suitability. There is no fear of anonymous clientele having a Beauty service

Covid Safe Plans: Vis Salons have an industry wide CoVid Safe plan in place around gloves, masks, cleaning and sterilizing. Vic Salons can stagger appointment times so clients don't cross each other and staff don't lunch or take breaks together. There is no congregating in a Beauty Salon. Service takes place in a private room with no body else there and are then cleaned & sanitized thoroughly before the next client comes into the room. The equipment used in Beauty services can be be cleaned and santatized with either a UV sanitizer or autoclave. Therapist are able and have access to PPE and as part of their training do a Cross infection component that is equal to the curriculum delivered in the first year of nursing.

Financially: this woman dominated industry has a chance to service their clients with 2 appointments before Christmas if we open on the 26th October. This important previously thriving industry supports over 45K workers the majority being women. Many of these workers are now on the reduced Job keeper and many more haver dropped down even further because a lot of this work force is casually employed around school aged children. The same women that stayed home and did Home schooling for 200+ days are now at the mercy of depleted income and have been shown little acknowledgement or consideration.

Health & Wellness: the health and wellness benefits  that Vic Salons provide for ALL involved: the clients, the workers and the small business owners are immeasurable. We need this more than you know. Vic Salons provide Pedicures for elderly that can't reach their own feet, skin care for teens with debilitating acne, massage for exhausted front line workers screaming out for some relief, hair removal for women with extreme hirsutism. Yes we do pampering and feel good therapies but we also care and look after people in a very personal and relevant way

The Science: in the 5 weeks our industry was fully operational in the middle of the year NO COMMUNITY transference happened in a full service Beauty Salon. In EVERY OTHER state in Australia that have Re Opened with full service there has been NO Community transference.

Our Vic Salons can show and have shown that we are safe to open with Full Service on the 26th of October. Please amend the November 1st start date immediately and give us a chance to to implement the outlined strategies. Opening Vic Salons on the 26th of October with option to FULLY service our clients would mean that small business could offer 8 weeks of trade before Christmas and in an industry that has suffered one of the longest lockdowns- it is Fair to Give the Girls a Go Dan!!!