Rebuild the Carlton Inn. Make the Heritage Council protect our heritage.

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The historic Carlton Inn, also known as the Corkman Irish Pub, was demolished illegally in 2016 destroying part of our Heritage, endangering the public and flaunting our laws.

Attempts to make the owners rebuild the pub have failed. Fines for illegal demolishing, not obtaining permits, endangering the public and dumping asbestos have not deterred them.

The Carlton Inn was the centre of the Melbourne Uni Law Students, a symbol of the fight for our heritage and a place of social and historical significance as one of the earliest buildings in this part of Carlton.

The planning minister and Melbourne council made a deal to allow the developers to build a 12-storey tower, so they would be rewarded for illegally demolishing it.

By including the site on the Victorian Heritage Register, it can be preserved for the people of Victoria and the owners can be forced to either rebuild the pub or abandon their plans for a redevelopment.

The Victorian  Heritage Council must add the Carlton Inn site to the Victorian Heritage Register and only issue permits that recover and preserve the heritage significance of the place.