Take Politics out of Fire Safety

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Fire Safety in Victoria is under threat because operating Fire Agencies are hindered and intertwined with Politics. Resulting in the quality of performance and outcomes to be below the required standard. Sadly it seems, everybody has an agenda, a promotion waiting or can't speak publicly without the fear of losing their job. By taking Politics out of Fire Safety, our Fire Agencies can finally concentrate on the actual  work they have to do, rather than having to play Politics. Local communities are desperately seeking for real and honest answers regarding their Fire Safety.

Could you help ?  No plantings should be approved  - But they have been even though the Yarra Valley community is still waiting on answers on the Fire Reports.
Every Victorian Community deserves to have a voice on there Fire Safety . l hope you can help give us all a voice for now and into the future. 

Reviews on the celebration of Black Saturday show that back burning is at his lowest level since years and the buildup of fuel now is close to as high as around Black Saturday. Inside information from CFA explains, due to the current red tape regulations a preparation for a simple back burn now takes months instead of days it used to be.

Urgent Change is needed.

For more info visit    www.firesafetyvictoria.net.au