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Petitioning Minister for Water, Dept of Sustainability, Environment, Water The Hon. Peter Walsh

Victorian Government, Melbourne Water: Remove the flouride from our water supply

 Fluoride is poison and according to recent research lowers the IQ in unborn babies and young children.   Many states in America are removing it, but here in Melbourne it is still in our water.   It has been shown to calcify and concentrate in the Pineal Gland.    Because its biological effect, the prevention of dental caries, is a medical claim we are being mass medicated without a licence which is against our basic human rights.     Please remove this toxin so we can drink our Melbourne water freely, without concern, then parents who choose to give their children fluoride  have a choice and our basic rights are not been ignored.

Letter to
Minister for Water, Dept of Sustainability, Environment, Water The Hon. Peter Walsh
Fluoride is a poison and has been shown by recent research to LOWER the IQ in young children and unborn babies and concentrates in and calcifies the Pineal Gland, amongst a host of other effects. Sodium Fluosilicic Acid is advertised by the Chinese manufacturer as an "Insecticide" and "Adhesive Preservator" this is added to our water NOT the natural mineral, which is best applied topically, then rinsed out. Educate yourselves on this subject, the health of our young is paramount. Many people buy an expensive reverse osmosis water filter to deal with this, so once again those unable to afford this option are penalised heavily. Please Melbourne Water REMOVE this from our water supply.

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