Let our 4 year old Melbourne kinder kids go to their Primary Schools for prep orientation

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The Victorian Government have recently announced that face-to-face transition programs for children starting primary school in 2021 in metropolitan Melbourne will no longer be running this year. 

Essentially this means that our little prep kids (for next year) will not be able to meet their teacher, meet their classmates, or visit their school and classroom for the all important prep/foundation year of school.

After what has been a tough year for these little four and five-year-olds, with the stopping and starting of their kindergarten programs throughout the year, they are now faced with the inability to attend their orientation program at their Primary School.

They only get one shot at kinder and to say that it has been a terrible year for them all is an understatement. The transition to school is such a huge step in their lives that to be unable to do so properly can have adverse effects. It is known that children cannot learn in an environment that they are not comfortable with and not familiar with.

I implore the Victorian government to reconsider. As the Covid case numbers improve, and Primary school children are now allowed to attend school for face-to-face learning, please let these little guys have the orientation that they so need and deserve.

I would also ask that the Victorian Government allow an on-site photographer at the kindergartens to take photos of the children, including a group photograph. The Government have currently banned any adults from entering kindergarten facilities (including parents) that are not educators. Whilst I understand this, I feel if proper COVID safe protocols are in place, the risk is negligible.

Again these little ones have had such a rubbish year that it would be nice for them to have some good memories of their one and only kinder year. 

Thanks for your support! Hopefully we can make a change for our little people ���