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Change name of 'Margaret Court Arena' to 'Ellen DeGeneres Arena'

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Margaret Court, retired tennis player and current Christian Minister, in a letter to The West Australian newspaper, has stated her decision to boycott Qantas because of the CEO's support of same-sex marriage.

“I am disappointed that Qantas has become an active promoter for same sex marriage."

Let's show Margaret Court that not all of Australia agrees with her thoughts on same-sex marriage. Let's show Margaret Court that we can band together and fight discrimination and prejudice as a united front!

Why do I care?

As a gay woman I would like to one day, as the Queen Bey once said 'put a ring on it'. My love is no different to anyone else's and I don't plan to stand idly by while there are people out there spreading ill informed hatred about the LGBTIQ community. Love should always win over hate.

So, why Ellen?

Well, I know she's not Australian. But she's married to one; the incomporable Portia De Rossi. She is also one of the most influential gay women of our generation. It is her courage that has paved the way for other LGBTIQA folk to be free to make their mark on the world.

It has been 20 years since 'The Puppy Episode' aired. The then controversial episode that announced to the world that Ellen was gay, so what better way than to extend our thanks to Ellen by naming a huge arena after her!

Let's do this, Australia! And don't forget, as Ellen always says 'be kind to one another'.

To read Margaret Court's letter to the editor:

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