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Support the modifications of Beach Jetty making it accessible for all.

The jetty is on Sorrento Foreshore on the Mornington Peninsula in front of ‘The Baths’ beachfront restaurant. It’s an iconic beach and a tourist / day-trip hot spot. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the beautiful beach and pier regardless of their ability. 

Current plans to modify the jetty to enhance accessibility have been objected by a local Conservation group.

We are hoping to raise enough signatures of support to help stop the objection at a VCAT hearing on the 29th July 2020 which will decide the future of this Jetty.

Proposed Jetty changes:

  • Widening the jetty by 600cm. People will be able to pass each other safely and it will allow more room for wheelchairs.
  • Lowering the jetty and replacing stairs with a ramp. Easy access for wheelchairs and those with walking aides. The height is important to ensure the ramp is not too steep.
  • Larger platform at seaward end, allowing more safe space for people, wheelchairs, boats, fishing etc.
  • Larger gap between the restaurant and the jetty. Increasing access for people to walk in between the jetty and the restaurant along beach.

Objection by the local Conservation group:

The group’s primary objection is the lowering of the jetty. They believe the proposed height of the jetty will make it difficult and inconvenient to walk under at high tide. At high-tide people will need to walk around the ramp, or they will need to walk slightly in the water if they wish to walk under the jetty.

Additional Information:

  • The jetty was built in 1990 – it is not a heritage site, nor one of historical significance in its current state.
  • All modifications are being made at the expense of the 'The Baths' restaurant.
  • If the jetty is not lowered the ramps will be too high for people to navigate safely.

Current Community Support:

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council unanimously approved the plans to replace the Jetty on the Sorrento foreshore 2 years ago.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council have also committed to supply and lay beach matting from “The Baths” carpark to the water’s edge, making it easier for chairs to access the water.

A group of community members along with The Lions Club of Rye, The Sorrento Beachside Tourist Information Centre and The Sorrento Community Centre, raised money to purchase 2 special beach wheelchairs. The special waterproof chairs are currently housed at “The Baths” restaurant in Sorrento and are available free of charge, to anyone wishing to enjoy a day at the beach.

Newspaper Article on the Beach Friendly Mobility Chairs.

An inclusive community for all

The Sorrento foreshore is a wonderful place on the Mornington Peninsula that should be experienced by everyone, not just able-bodied people. As someone with a quadriplegic son, I understand how important it is to have community spaces that are inclusive and accessible for everyone. Something that a lot of us take for granted.

Please lend us your signature in support of this great community initiative.