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Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula must revoke the bail of Glenn Antony Dylan Hartland. Hartland has pleaded guilty to three rapes and one sexual assault against four women. However, the Melbourne County Court allowed him to remain on bail until he is sentenced. The Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions did not oppose his bail.

Dubbed the Tinder Rapist after using the popular dating app to find his victims, Glenn Antony Dylan Hartland two weeks ago pleaded guilty to raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth. 
Yet he remains free on bail as he waits for his next scheduled court date — five months away in March. 
Hartland was initially charged with five counts of rape and multiple counts of indecent assault, false imprisonment, common law assault and breaching his bail by harassing his victims. 
Just one week before he was due to face trial on all of those charges, he made a deal with the Office of Public Prosecutions and pleaded guilty to three charges of rape and one of sexual assault. 
When his lawyer suggested his bail be extended, the OPP did not oppose the request. 
It is a surprising outcome considering the 44-year-old pleaded guilty to charges that attract a maximum prison term of 25 years. 
Hartland is a danger to women and his freedom means the four survivors of his brutal sexual violence are living in fear. 
The Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula must do everything in his power to reverse this decision and get Hartland behind bars. 
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