Stop "Comcast Only" Apartments -Support Free Choice of Communications Services Providers

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While state and federal laws prohibit providers from entering into exclusive access agreements with property owners, nothing in state or federal law directly regulates property owners.

We want to stop the revenue-sharing kickbacks that Comcast (and others) uses to secure "exclusive" agreements with apartment owners.

The Tacoma City Council should pass an ordinance that will facilitate opportunities for access to multiple occupancy buildings by communications services providers to ensure that occupants of apartment buildings can obtain communications services from the providers of their choice, while respecting the rights of property owners.

Let's give Tacoma residents, who live in apartments, the freedom to choose their broadband provider and restore competition to the market, lowering prices and providing more options for residents.

We support a “Choice of Communications Services Providers in Multiple Occupancy Buildings” ordinance that would ban kickbacks for landlords and property owners, and compel providers to actually compete for their customers’ business.

The ordinance would be great for residents and for business — leveling the playing field for small and new broadband providers to have a fighting chance in the market and creating the incentive for all providers to offer lower-priced and faster internet.

We believe that everyone deserves access to more affordable, better and faster broadband options.

The ability to choose among providers benefits all Tacoma residents by incentivizing providers to offer the best services at the lowest prices.