Change the speed limit in Battle, East Sussex to 20mph.

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I'm petitioning East Sussex County Council to lower the speed limit to 20mph in Battle, East Sussex.

I moved into Battle 18 months ago. I've been shocked and appalled by how fast motorists travel along the Battle Hill route to and from Lower Lake. 

My daughter attends Claverham School and walks every day to and from School. It is a constant worry as the cars regularly speed up and down the hill.

I was upset to hear that a young boy was recently hit by a car and then air-lifted to hospital. As a parent, it is heartwrenching to hear of any child being hurt. We want to keep our children safe and the community safe from these motorists that are speeding.

I often need to cross the road to visit Tesco's Express. I sometimes feel as if I'm running for my life when I cross that road. I won't let my twelve-year-old cross because it is so dangerous. Imagine if it was your child or your elderly relative trying to cross.

The pavement across the bridge is worn down because of the amount of cars that have driven up onto the curb to turn the corner as they are traveling up the hill. It is already a narrow path with a bend where motorists cannot see if people are walking along or about to cross over the road.

Please sign this petition today to stand with me and the local community to say "Change the speed limit in Battle, East Sussex to 20mph, before you kill somebody!." We don't want to wait for fatalities to take action. We want action now! 20s Plenty For Battle!