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Is French, German & Italian still relevant in Australia's Primary and Secondary Schools

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Speaking with many parents and students together with countless school tours over the last 20 years, I have seen some beneficial changes to the school curriculum with subjects offered today.

LOTE seems to have stayed stagnant since I was in school back in the 70's.  Many schools still offer French, German and Italian as a subject.

Let's look at French.  As much as I love the French language and France as a whole, personally, I am yet to know anyone who has used French once school is finished and if there is, it would be a small percentage.

We all know a second language can be a great advantage to our children in so many ways, this may be for traveling, business dealings, teaching and so many more.

I grew up speaking Spanish and I feel lucky being raised speaking Spanish.  Although I am not as fluent as I was as a child, I have carried this knowledge throughout my adult life and can certainly hold a conversation. 

It's allowed me to interact with people from Mexico, South America and even Italy.  Spanish as a base gave me the ability to get the gist of many other languages.

I would love for all children in Australian schools to have the same opportunity and give them another advantage to broaden their options into adult life and embrace the cultures.

Why change is needed.

Looking over the last few decades of immigration and global partnerships in Australia the French language doesn't seem to have the strongest presence.

No matter what career path or travel experiences Australian children will take, how great would it be for our children to know the top 3 languages of the world, imagine the benefits that could come from having this knowledge not only to our future generation but Australia as a whole.

Our children will already be fluent in English, one of the top 3 languages spoken in the world, how much sense does it make for our schools to exchange French with compulsory options of Chinese or Spanish. 

I suppose the question of whether French fits in Australia's school curriculum today or would Chinese or Spanish be a more current option, needs to be considered.

The Education Minister could review LOTE in primary and secondary schools to validate it's place in our current curriculum, does French give our children and future generations the best communication skills with our strongest trading partners. 

I feel that taking up a school subject with French seems outdated and when Chinese and Spanish are the most spoken languages in the world, wouldn't you think Australia would benefit from this?   It just makes sense.  Don't let us fall behind.

The benefit for Australian children learning these languages would open so many doors.  Let's be the best we can be.  This small change in our current curriculum would mean big change in a positive way for our children.

Love to know what you all think?

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