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Sell mtf transgender bras at lingerie stores

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I am a transman wishing for transwomen to be able to purchase mtf bras in lingerie stores.

Everyday a transwoman in the world has to look in a mirror and wish she could see come thing different.

Stores like Victoria's Secret, Aerie, and Lazenza can support this cause.

If this petition were given the attention it requires, a transwoman wanting a bra and not wanting to wait in the mail could walk into a lingerie store and walk out satisfied.

I have experienced discomfort without my binder; I understand what some transwomen are going through when they cannot order online due to no cards, or can't risk parents finding out about the online purchase.

If this petition were to be ignored, a transwoman wishing for a mtf bra, with no means for ordering online, would have close to no way of getting one.

I made this petition for transwomen whom want a mtf bra and have no means of getting one online. Some transwomen would prefer to not have a mtf bra and I completely respect your decision.

I wish you the best,

Thank you for reading.

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