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Victoria's Secret: Give a % of the PINK profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

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The PINK product line (A.K.A. "Love Pink"), marketed solely for consumption by women, must donate a portion of the profits of this specific line to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and must do it immediately.  As this is not a move to uproot capitalism in any way, no specific percentage of the profits is being asked for, as no one is attempting to suggest that the company should be denied the profits of a line that is most assuredly popular.  That being said, the bigger the portion of the profits they donate, the more seriously their commitment to this cause will be taken.  The mere act of acting in this manner would signal to women that the company most known for making women feel sexy is actively doing something to make women feel smart.  They can best do so by donating from a product line that blatantly piggy-backs off of the well known Pink movement for breast cancer awareness.  

As most of the women who purchase PINK products are between the ages of 15-29, these women are, in most cases, healthy in the ages that they wear these clothes. Most of the women struggling with breast cancer may not even be aware of the product line's existence, but they are certainly aware of the company itself, and the reputation for comfort and style that their products have with women (and men!).  This is a powerful moment for Victoria's Secret to lead, as they would be uniting these two groups of consumers through this communal effort that further raises awareness of a threat that women of all ages understand confronts them all.  

Victoria's Secret should CHOOSE to embrace this very natural alliance for the good of the female population for generations to come. Being based solely on profit, this seems to be an obvious abdication of responsibility to the many women who need such research in order to remain active members in the lives of their children, families and communities. Victoria's Secret should realize that this is the only way forward for the PINK line, and that by wearing it at home, on campus, and out into the world, women will not only feel beautiful on the outside, but secure that their purchase went to support and sustain the lives of many women suffering on the inside.  By altering the PINK business model to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Victoria's Secret will offer a prime opportunity for young women to show that it is their dollars, and their purchasing power, that is making a difference for women of all ages, all around the world.

Women are united by this common, and very tragic bond. This is the chance to take fashion sense, and unite it with business sense in order to make an impact that is simply common sense.

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