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Hey Victoria, Boobs make milk too!

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I first wrote to Victoria's Secret 9+ years ago after I had my first baby. I was exclusively breastfeeding and in search for a good nursing bra. So, I wrote to them pleading to make a line of bra's for us breastfeeding Mom's. They actually replied and said they weren't in that line of business... so I left it at that, and cried in the corner with my saggy, unsupported, not-cute bra. 

Fast forward to today... I'm now on my third baby and have yet to find a great nursing bra, let alone a PUMPING bra! I'm convinced they do not exist. I'm exclusively pumping for my third little peanut (we had latch issues) and pumping bras are even worse than nursing bras! I literally have to change out of my nice Victoria's Secret bra into my hands-free pumping bra EVERY time I pump. 

Now, Victoria... My question is, why do you avoid us Mom's who've been with you since we were 14 and offer NO support for the FUNCTION of our Boobs?? Here we are trying to normalize breastfeeding in public areas, but the biggest retailer for women's underthings does NOT have a nursing line. You are losing out on sooooo many customers and quite frankly, shaming those of us who choose to nurse!

I LOVE your bras. I've made make-shift nursing bras out of them trying to solve my own personal issues. I understand your company started out as a place where men could shop so they didn't feel embarrassed buying lingerie for their wives. It's also been known as a cheap substitute for playboy. But, this is 2017! We should embrace the fact that Boobs make milk too!! You just continue to sexualize our Boobs when all we really want is a nice BRA.

PLEASE, make a nursing line. All it takes is two little clips added to your Body by Victoria bra. You could even reinvent the wheel and do some research on what us Mom's really want out of a nursing bra. Or better yet, a pumping bra!!

New Mom's should have a chance to feel sexy and supported too! Join me in asking for this change. It's a total first-world problem, but really? Victoria, I'm appalled you haven't jumped on this bandwagon!

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