Reopening Warburton Hospital

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The New Daily just posted this Article! Thanks to Samantha Dick

Please all read & share this article from Samantha Dick! 

The government is starting to get the message but we need more pressure on them to reopen the Warburton Hospital, please share as much as you can to put the spotlight onto Warburton,

Update so far:
Last Friday MP Cindy Mcleish request the state and federal governments to research the reopening of the Warburton Hospital,

Tuesday night Yarra Ranges Council voted to the state government to discuss Warburton Private Hospital to be considered for reactivation,

Today the New Daily article about the federal government reopening hospital's around Australia & if the Warburton Hospital should be one of them, 

The Warburton Hospital petition has had over 1400 people sign it so far so please sign and share it,

Please share anything you find that could be of interest to the Campaign to reopen Warburton Hospital

Thank you to all that is helping.

Daz Nankivell
1 year ago