Ryan Wells has his bail for the coward assault on an innocent man revoked and jailed

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Ryan Wells was granted bail for the unprovoked attack on an innocent citizen which was caught on CCTV and which sickened every Australian who witnessed the attack.

Ryan Wells and his brother are seen laughing after the attack showing no remorse or consideration for the suffering victim who could have died from the coward attack.

Ryan Wells thinks that drinking too much and taking cocaine is a reasonable explanation and or excuse why he attacked and innocent person. 

This person could have been us, our father, our brother and or our son. This is why it is important that we all speak with one voice and  tell Governments that this type of coward act is never acceptable no matter what.

As an Australian who was sickened  after watching the attack was further sickened when news of Ryan Wells been granted bail.

All Australians should voice their outrage and join me in asking the Premier of Victoria The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP to personally see that Ryan Wells has his bail revoked to ensure our citizens are not endangered by this coward and his brother. 

I also, ask all Australians to support this petition in seeing Ryan Wells brother Joel charged for not aiding an injured citizen when attacked by his brother.