Educate Our Community on Underage Drinking

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As an event photographer, I get hired to do a few underage parties now and then. Over the last year it has been quite noticeable that there has been a massive peak of underage drinking in my community. There have been multiple occasions where parties have got shut down early because of these children vomiting everywhere and damaging the property.

At first you may think that this is not a problem. We barely see this in society. There are much bigger issues we should concentrate on. Yet as we all know; these children are the future. How could we let them go down the pathway of getting “Sloshed” and to an extent becoming alcoholics?

Alcohol can have a massive affect on the children, as their brains are not nearly as close to being developed.

A female’s brain is not full developed till the age of 21 and a male’s brain is not fully developed until the age of 25.

Heavy extended use of alcohol at such a young age can cause 10% reduction in the size of the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain involved in learning and memory formation. The alcohol actually poisons the nerve cells causing them to damage or even be destroyed.

My plan is, we will never be able to get a complete stop in underage drinking any time soon. But instead of ignoring it. We should acknowledge that children are doing this and educate not only the kids, but parents, schools and communities.

When I was in High school, we had a gentleman named Paul Dillon speak to us about drugs and alcohol. And instead of saying you should never do this, he acknowledged the fact that some of us still would and he taught us how to prevent us from harming ourselves. Paul would speak about how we should have a fist full of food before we started drinking and that giving a drunk person bread wouldn’t sober them up.

By putting these words into actions, I do believe we can educate people and kids so they know how to look after themselves if they are going to be drinking.

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