Revoke Temporary Parole for Takahashi

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This convicted multiple rapist is free in our small city.  His conviction is supposed to keep him in jail for 73 years even after he cut a deal and is only serving sentence for 8 victims, not the 30 he admitted to or the hundreds that the Edmonton police believe he is actually responsible for. 

The terms of his temporary unescorted parole are that he:

1) Must not consume any alcohol or other intoxicants.

2) Must report all interactions with females immediately to his parole officer

3) Must reside in Victoria and cannot travel north of the Malahat.

The women of Victoria, supported by all citizens would like to declare that we are not interested in being part of this experiment in the rehabilitation of this rapist.  He has already contrived to get a free massage from a female massage student through a charitable program provided by the massage school to residents of Salvation Army half way houses.  The fact that the Salvation Army staff allowed him to participate in that initiative, that he himself did not insist on a male masseuse at the very least, and that the Victoria Parole Office does not consider this gross incident to be in contravention of the intent of their conditions underscores the degree to which the women and girls of this city are left to defend ourselves against a known violent offender. 

We are not responsible for Larry Takahashi's supposed rehabilitation!  We refuse to participate in this ridiculous sham of justice and stand with the survivors of his crimes against his rights to enjoy the privilege of freedom on our streets.

This is not the first time that Larry Takahashi has been on unescorted parole.  Each other time he has contravened his parole conditions and ended up back in custody early.  Enough is enough!

We demand that the Victoria Parole Board return this criminal to the cell he so richly deserves and that the BC Ministry of Justice admit that rehabilitation for sexual offenders is thus far a complete failure. 

Stop allowing this criminal the opportunities to further abuse the women of ANY community by taking advantage of loopholes and manipulating the system against us.  If you can't politically keep him inside the prison system then allow our outrage to help you.







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